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In the club money, we provide the foremost and leading web traffic solution to our user/associates. So that they always gets the job done in more efficient way with perfect quality which is par-excellence.

To create the optimum traffic sources with best quality is being monitor for incoming & outgoing traffic through inclusion on search engine and through Search engine optimization.

The total result/outcome of analysis by search analytic and statics of search engine can be used in SEM & SEO.
Search analytic aims to boost the performance on search engine that will help to understand user intent and many more.


In SEM, we can increase the visibility of website by promoting it in most effective way in internet marketing to reach the goal

SEM may include SEO by which various prime amendment can be done to accomplish the higher & perfect ranking in search engine result page(serp’s) to increase PPC listing.

In SEO, the optimization may involve content editing & associated coding.

Analysis(Web Analytic) :

Web traffic is all-important metric(search of measurement) for gauging the favorable outcome on the web.

So for our user to have prime and ultimate result of web traffic, it’s measurement is being done by web analytic.

Our focus is to measure the analysis of web traffic,collect & report of web data for optimize web usage.