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Lead Generation is a term where lead refers to the person who has shown interest in the products and services provide by your company in some way.Thus lead generation is basically a process a attracting and converting those interested users into the leads to generate sales pipeline.

Leads :

Leads can consists of the names and addresses (or e-mail addresses) of individuals, corporations, institutions or agencies. In todays digital world Lists of leads can be gathered or filtered from targeted databases such as telephone and Internet directories.

An international market is defined geographically as a market outside the international borders or across international borders of a company's country of citizenship.In simple words the international marketing is the application of the principles of marketing across national borders. However there is a transition between which is usually expressed by the international marketing and global marketing which are equal words.The international market exceeds the export merchant and involves more in the environment of marketing in the countries in which it does business.

How to generate leads :

Once you gathered the leads information like email, social media info. Then you can use various promotional channels to link and drive traffic to landing page , So that you can start generating leads.The most effective way to optimise your marketing campaigns for more leads is to use landing pages, forms, strong offers and clear calls to action.